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Abstract paintings, jewelry and other artisan crafts- own a one-off original piece, by Maya David García!

Welcome to my art and artisan shop! Here you can find hand-decorated and/or handmade items, as well as original artwork. Available items include jewelry, fans, art pieces, and drawings. Mx. Maya David García, an Indigenous, 2-spirit, disabled artist is the creator of these pieces.

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My mission is always first and foremost to tell stories, through everything that I do, and if you look closely at my work that’s exactly what you’ll find, a narrative element, no matter how you choose to interpret it, and make it your own. Spirituality is also important to me, because religion was used to control me growing up as a ritual abuse survivor, so reclaiming spirituality, not religion, is a way for me to reclaim my identity, and my story. Using spiritual symbols such as the never-ending, eternal circle, the infinity symbol, or my take on it, is a common theme in my artwork. The ever-present “Eye,” and the eyes as being the windows of the soul are also often repeated symbols in my work. Eastern, Indigenous and other spiritual concepts are big influences in both my life, and my art. Plays on reincarnation, eternal life and our connection to consciousness through lucid dreaming feature heavily in my spiritual artist practice.

Maya David García


M Λ Υ Λ Garcia is a non-binary, 2-spirit multiracial Indigenous visual storyteller, who wears several hats as a visual artist, author, poet, singer and activist. Through words, concepts, pictures and audio art, they convey stories from the past, present and future in vivid multimedia images.